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Audio Partnership, code cleanup and starting squad control. New level area and next steps, and info on new weapons.

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We are back again this weekend with another update. Last week I had mentioned that we are looking at working with two other companies. I’m proud to announce that we’ve finalized the details and we will be partnering with Serial Lab Studios who have a wide breadth of experience in over 75 games and various film/animation projects. We are very excited to be working with them and look forward to getting some custom audio into the game for the demo! You can check them out at
. We are still finalizing details with the other company and will provide more details once we have them.

Last week we posted our first official news post and started spreading the word on our social media. Here on IndieDB we more than doubled our watchers so thank you all for your interest! In our social media we’ve gotten a lot of positive input and we look forward to providing more details as the project progresses and leads to our pre-alpha demo at PAX East. Please spread the word to anyone you might think would be interested in this project. As things progress we are going to be polling the community on different aspects and try to really involve the community in the project! As always your comments and questions are welcome and I will answer them as quickly as I can.

Chris had a little lull this week as we were nailing down some of our design aspects and didn’t want to delve into any new systems until we had more things defined. This was good though as he was able to go back through a lot of the base systems and do some cleanup removing old code that is no longer being utilized as well as adding in some enhancements and optimizations to systems making them much more flexible for our progress moving forward. One aspect we are very seriously interested in is the ability to mod the game. This does require some extra work, especially in regards to tool creation but this is something we are keeping in the back of our mind while we work on this project. While we haven't really gotten a vision down for how this might work going forward, a lot of the recent changes to the database kept modularity in mind so whatever we settle on and have the resources to complete, be it full out custom game modes or just custom items/events/characters, it will be ready to build out.

The big news is he has started implementing early squad control so we’ve finally moved on from having one or two survivors running around on the map to a full squad of four survivors. It is in its early implementation but it is great to see a whole group of survivors gang up on a zombie to bring it down!

Last week I mentioned that we had been building out more areas for the demo and I’m happy to show you our apartments complexe!

Keep in mind while we build out the demo area we are building it as a static environment, but the eventual goal is to have the world be generated randomly based on different aspects you set at the beginning of your game. The goal is to have it where anytime you start a new game you will be able to set different variables which will generate a new world for you to play in. Along with this we will look at options for saving world seeds in case you get a really great world that you might want to share with your friends and see how you each do comparatively.

New this week we are starting to work on some small urban houses. The great thing with these houses is that we are getting a little vegetation into the urban landscape which is a nice change of pace. We are putting some finishing touches on it and I’ll add a screenshot as soon as it is ready, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with our concept piece.

Kieran has been very busy with some of our physical projects so I don’t have any new updates on the zombie yet but look for those soon. In its stead however, I do have a few new weapon models to show you.

As we move forward we are taking advantage of a tool by Quixel called dDo which allows us to quickly apply textures across common materials. As we build up our library this will make it even easier to provide diversity and really add to the random world feel we are working towards. We are going to be doing an assets review in the near future to one, make sure everything is optimized and two, make sure everything is setup to work properly with dDo.

In other art news Mitul, our wonderful concept artist is starting to put together one of our main marketing images. I would love to show you some progress but I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the finished product! After some internal review it has just moved from line art to the early coloring stages and it is really looking good. I can’t wait until it gets finished up so we can start posting it all over the place!

As always, we look forward to your comments and please share with anyone you think might be interested!

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