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From today thanks to your feedback, the new version of the Lost Dawn Early Demo, version 0.0.3, is available.

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In the past week we have received various feedbacks that have helped us to find and become aware of some problems that we unfortunately had not noticed. As always Primesoft Games has worked hard to solve these problems in order to prepare this new improved version of the demo.
The changes and fixes made are the following.

Crash of the game
We learned from some of you that the game in some cases crashed when started or, in several cases, it did not start even giving a Unity error. The problem was a merger between a Unity bug (caused by computers having two monitors or multiple video cards) and a problem with the save file. The problem was resolved quickly and now the game does not crash on launch.

Navigation in the space of Talents
There was a bug on the navigation of the Battle HUD keys that prevented them from moving to feats that could not be used due to lack of mana. This also led to opening the Talents panel but still continuing to move between the character's Actions. Bug fixed, now it will be possible to move even among the Talents that cannot be used due to lack of mana.


Formation menu

Fixed an issue that allowed you to be able to open the Formation Menu even in times when it was not possible to open it. Now it will be possible to open this menu only from the main menu.


Save menu

Fixed an issue that prevented the player from being able to open the Rescue Menu within the Overworld.


Drop problem

Fixed a bug where it was impossible to be able to receive items at the end of battles. It will now be possible to receive some types of items.


Bug Evangelyne

Fixed an issue that allowed Evangelyne's healing to be effective on dead characters.

Price review
Revised and adjusted the prices of all items in the game, whether they are Items, Weapons, Armor or Accessories.

Changes to the shops
Changed some lists of items that some merchants can sell.

Modified some enemies
Adjusted some stats for some enemies that were not correct.


That's it for this week.

As always we thank you for the attention you are giving in sending us the feedback, we will work harder and harder to make the game even better.
Always stay alert for new information!

In the meantime, we invite you to continue following all our profiles.

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