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The updated Trailer is now ready for the Early Access Release on Steam the next week (December 15th)!

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Hello everyone!

We've been focusing a lot on this game for the last year, and been updating the game through all that period, from the very simple prototype of the very first and simple mechanics now towards the deep-managerial ones that are currently ready to step further into the Early Access!

If you like playing simulation, strategy, survival-like games and have a passion in the mini-max optimizations, building settlements, conquering the world, progressing, achieving things, completing missions, ... then you might find Simpocalypse much interesting to play!

The game is coming in the Early Access on Steam the next week, on December 15th, please wishlist and follow the game if you find it interesting (any support helps us a ton!).

Here's a fresh and updated Early Access Trailer, check it out ;)

So what is Simpocalypse about?
Before you say it, the game is not about the Simps :P
We have combined the Simulation + Apocalypse, and we ended up using Simpocalypse from the very first beginning. Simpocalypse is a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator, where you need to survive with limited resources after a nuclear war has torn the world apart. You need to establish a self-sufficient and strong settlement, which will attract new citizens and helping you reach bigger goals, expending toward enemy territories, battling for world domination while keeping your settlement safe and powerful!

Want to test out the game?
Official Simpocalypse website: Simpocalypse.com
(Free DEMO, PRESS materials,...)

*Any mention on social media channels, forums, gaming blogs, Youtube is much appreciated, as we are now trying to expand the reach of the game to a wider audience and everyone is welcomed to help sharing the word about the game! Thanks!

To get in touch with us,
- or to join private playtestings,
- or to get more sneak peeks into development,
- or to check out how the things are progressing towards the release in the next week, feel free to join Simpocalypse Discord server.

Simpocalypse discord server - Join

Follow Simpocalypse:


It's still accurate to Simps tho. Especially when they recourse manage how they want to counqer the world.

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