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Defiance and Mr. Good Looking is a single-player indie FPS with a retro feel where you play with two characters and switch between them to recover health and ammo.

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I'm here to announce that Defiance & Mr. Good Looking finally have a Steam page and it will launch in early access April 28th!

Shoot with one character, slash with the other, switch between them to keep health and ammo high.

Defiance & Mr. Good Looking is a retro-inspired single-player FPS where you choose two characters to play. Switching between them is the way to keep them alive with health and ammo, as by destroying enemies with one character the other will recover those resources.

Each level has two soundtracks, changing characters the music will also change. Each character has their own arsenal of four weapons and all have secondary fire, these weapons are spread across the levels, often hidden somewhere.

Your enemies are adaptable, having parts that can be broken or destroyed to change their behavior, making your opponents a greater or lesser threat.

There's a lot of improvements in the UI and the movement, the Save system received a heavy overhaul, now the levels have checkpoints and it's extremely quick to load then, Dusk Dude can strafe hop, there's more... much more and if you want to play it check the store page and Wishlist it!

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