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Update on implementation of dynamic environmental elements into Revive and Prosper that will enhance the resource managing and base building gameplay of survival features

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Check the new info panel with manual sliders for adjusting difficulty and balance of the environmental elements.
And watch an amazing light changes during a day.
Weather and storms will affect the world’s ecosystem, mainly the water cycle.
Day and night switching could put demands on characters' job scheduling.

Info panel with dynamic environmental elements

The devs will continue with balancing the strategy and survival elements so that Revive and Prosper would smoothly combine the best of both, and therefore be the best choice for the players of RTS games in 2023.

Do you like when a strategy game puts survival challenges in front of you?
Or do you prefer vanilla gameplay with an undisturbed base and factory building?

Let us know here or at any of your favorite sites:
Devlog: Reviveandprosper.com
Youtube: Youtube.com
Reddit: Reddit.com
Facebook: Facebook.com
Linkedin: Linkedin.com

Watch the short gameplay video with dynamic sunset light here:
TikTok: Tiktok.com

And for sure join the community on Discord 🌱 to become a part of the Closed Beta testing Discord.gg

Team Revive and Prosper

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