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New Playable version of Dstroy2 (0.8.2) is here, one year since our previous release, with many new or improved features!

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Dstroy2 v0 8

Hello, Boodies & Boodettes!

Once again, it took us one year to make a new release, and I guess this time it was a little bit more scheduled and decided on our side! We aimed and were ready for a release in September, but we also saw the opportunity to participate to a Steam Festival to try to gain more players and feedback along the way. We decided to push for a stronger and more advance 0.8 version and we took few more months to be ready for this early February release. We definitely gained a little bit more players and feedback, and even if not billions of them, we had enough to help us focusing on where our next devs months will be focus on.
Dstroy2 Megabomb

On top of it, we will, for now, propose two different version on Steam and Itch

  • The Steam version will only be on Windows, and will propose Steam play and Online Leaderboards on Steam servers.
  • The Itch.io version will have Local features only, but will be natively be available on Linux on top of Windows.

It's costing us some extra time to propose those builds, and prepare their launch (plus announcements and assets), time not spend on working on the game itself, so we will for now stick to these three choices for the next main builds (0.9, 1.0, ..). We might do smaller versions using the Steam demo with smaller updates to test more easily features between those main next versions.

We're proposing usually a sum-up list of the main changes between versions, but there is too many here and there, so we preferer for you to play and discover what's new, or simply give us some feedback on what's good, wrong or missing on this version...

We wish to polish and finish all available modes (3 tournaments and the Survival) for the 0.9, before moving to the 1.0, that will be with or without the story mode, it's not decided yet. We're expecting the 0.9 to be available in 12 months this time, but with many 0.8.X in-between on Steam if you don't want to wait that long for a big main update,
Until then, don't hesitate to reach us and send us any feedback on our Discord server. Don't hesitate to Wishlist the game on Steam or/and here too.

Download Dstroy II v0.8.2


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