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Patch note 0.94 for Drift Into Eternity (D.I.E): Gameplay / Graphic / Audio / Fix.

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Patch note 0.94 & 0.94.1: patch note on steam


- All circuit breakers are correctly set as containers.

- Renamed Inputs : "Log Switch" becomes "Log Toggle", "Mouse 1" becomes "Interact" and "Mouse 0" becomes "Transfer Object".

- You can return from New Game and Load Game menus by pressing escape.


- Updated lighting for all rooms and corridors (work still in progress)

- Decoration objects added to R30/R31/R56/R59.



- Changed visual of Body Scanners screen.


- Rescale some containers in storage bays.

New Storage Bay

- Save feedback (rotating wheel) will now correctly display on top of every other interfaces.

User Posted Image

- Heat Effect optimized

burn effect

- New planet+moon holograms in R54-Communication Room


- SplashScreen now displays correctly


- New voices tutos for many objects and for rooms with fire and/or acrycine (aim at an object and press T)

- Using food or drink will now shout a sound.

- Open and close inventory now have a sound.

- Sounds volume is now between 0-200%, instead of 0-100%. It was confusing to think that 50% was the normal volume.

ui sound

- Sound of closing inventory will no longer be played when you try to display the room stats or when you remove acrycine.


- Inventory can no longer be opened before or during load.

- Bug of Heat effect hidding the inventory corrected.

- A Breach has been moved in R40 and another in R52 (was floating out of the wall)

- Corrected some breaches which had no acrycine fx.

- Debugged saving feedback animation which sometimes didn't played correctly.

- Debugged Diseases And Wounds load (thanks Avocyn for pointing that bug)

- Debugged volume of sound inventory open/close

- Debugged repair FX activation/desactivation

- Resolved graphic bug of dirty water in Water Recyclers

- Rebaked lighting for nearly all rooms (once again)

- Corrected the voice tuto for storage bay containers. Some references were not set correctly.

- Restart must now be confirmed. (its working, It just remains to add the graph)


- Save Integrity debugged. It will no longer be shared between different profiles.

- Saving will no longer make the game freeze. It will only lag (as little as possible) when it's writing the files.

- Save integrity will now correctly prevent player from saving when it reaches zero.

- Saves will have to be reset again because of a mistake made in the Saves Unique Identifiers. Sorry about that.

Keep on surviving!

Thank you to all future survivors for your unconditional support.

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