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Post news RSS Drag[en]gine 1.14 and DEMoCap 0.8 Released

New releases containing performance improvements for Stereo Rendering, IPv6 support and Object Grab improvements.

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Drag[en]gine Game Engine 1.14 Release

Some of the changes:

  • OpenGL: Improved stereo rendering performance. Two optimizations can be selected depending on GPU support ("Dual Rendering" or "Geometry Shader Duplication").
  • OpenGL: Added fix for nVidia/Intel GPUs causing 3.3 core context to be selected although higher core contexts are supported.
  • Network: Added ipv6 support.
  • Network: Added network protocol documentation to wiki.
  • DragonScript: Fixed ECBehaviorGrabSpot disabling collider if element is invisible which is wrong (only if not touchable.
  • DragonScript: Fixed ECBehaviorAnimated not applying animator if controller has 0 length.
  • Bullet: Fixed collider volume not updating bullet shape if scale changed.

See the full changelog here: Changelog Release 1.14.

To help distribute your games find here also the updated distribution files for Steam and Microsoft App Store.

DEMoCap 0.8 Release

Some of the changes:

  • Added "GrabObject" object class to make objects grabbable from the UI. See Wiki Page and video below.
  • Added interaction bubble support. Gives quick access to important actions and properties. See Wiki Page.
  • Removed the requirement to select CapturedObject to record to. Now you can select the "Capturable" object from combo box in the Session panel. This decouples the selection state from the capturable state improving workflow.
  • Added support to record over existing animations breaking playback once interacting with objects.
  • Camera option "Enable GI" is now disabled by default to improve performance.
  • Added support to automatically stop recording if the end of the existing recording is hit.
  • Various bug fixes.

Eventually it happened. For something Epic should have required a couple of days they required whoopie 1 month (!). But now the plugin is at last available on the market place.

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