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Simple, effective and unique that about sums up Matthew Bradley's new map for UT3.

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Matthew Bradley is doing what I wish more modders would do. Taking something as simple as lights and mixing it in with deathmatch to create something really unique and beautiful at the same time. As you can see below in the video, players navigate around a level in the dark. The player's movements enable lights on the floor below the player which creates a trail allowing other players to see you. The end result is something simply awesome to look at.

Matthew_Bradley wrote: The cubes also serve a purpose. They help to keep the level paced. Each coloured cube represents a different area of the map. These areas are colour-co-ordinated to match the cubes. When a player is in one of these areas the corresponding cube lights up notifying other players. As one learns the map they should be able to find enemies without too much hardship.

It may look a little confusing as of now, I cannot tell myself if music is generated from the floor panels as well as lights, or how well it would work as an actual map. Something's will remain un-clear about this until it is officially released. But as it goes with modding, simple can sometimes be so very effective, keep that in mind guys! You can find more of Matthew's work on his website.

ambershee - - 865 comments

Absolutely top notch work and great implementation :)

Two thumbs up and a great big daft grin.

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DazJW - - 237 comments

That's incredibly cool.

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Ben_E - - 108 comments

this is really slickk, i love the lightsequencer kinda stuff

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Ynkyr - - 94 comments

Nice idea!

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

That looks awesome, can't wait to play that.

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MuffinSoldaat - - 45 comments

It's just an observation of mine, and correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to say "Awesome" to almost every mod update. Not that they're not awesome, of course. But couldn't you do something else more valuable, like working on a mod yourself or reading a good book?

Now that would be awesome.

It's not meant offensive nor aggressive because you're a good guy

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awesomepossum - - 997 comments

I am working on my own mod and I have worked on many.
Also, I do leave detailed comments. Usually for mods after I have had a chance to play them. This one has not yet been released so I don't have a large amount of information to go off of.

So allow me to expand my use of the word Awesome for describing this mod:

Membrane &

And I assume you picked me out because my name is Awesome Possum and seeing me post the word Awesome might be extra repetitive and thus less Awesome. But most comments are as vague as mine, such as "That looks fantastic", "Neat!", "Sweet" or "Epic!" And its because we like the idea and want to show support, but are often busy and don't have time to write up a full page review, both critiquing and praising the efforts of the individual who posted. That is the job of the moddb staff and anyone else who writes reviews of mods (after the mods are released) and the rest of us are just here to enjoy what people make. And show what support we can.

But your point is valid, I do use the word Awesome too much, Perhaps because it is one of my favorite words. I also Like Haberdashery, But it is a lot harder to fit into conversations.

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NullSoldier - - 973 comments


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tschery - - 179 comments


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eezstreet - - 783 comments

ps3 support?

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m82sniper - - 1,490 comments

Nope :P

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oversoul - - 98 comments

sick... so sweet, dude... gotta try this...

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XGas - - 15 comments


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Emr19 - - 99 comments

awesome map!

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Weeman45 - - 29 comments

awesome and interesting!

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kwijl - - 215 comments

now that is really cool, there could come allot of youtube videos out of this with all kind of music made by people XD

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KindredPhantom - - 290 comments

Very interesting.

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drummerofsummer - - 27 comments

Come play project white on july 28th (a 4v4). Go to this link for more info Moddb.com

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do365nic - - 325 comments

when will this finally be released, this video is ancient now

I've been waiting for like a year or so :D

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pukegreenuniform - - 3 comments

It has been released.
just click download

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