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Post news RSS Disinfection releases June 1st 2022

Valve has given us the go-ahead, so we've set the release date to June 1st 2022, 12PM CET.

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Valve has finally given the go-ahead, so we've set the official Early Access release date to June 1st 2022!

Since this is an Early Access release it'll contain the base features:
You can play either alone or as a team of up to 4 players. Levels and infections are procedurally and randomly generated to keep things interesting and you can use a limited selection of tools to identify and destroy the infection whilst trying not to die from either the infection monsters or oxygen deprivation.

We're looking to get some early feedback on this core game, whilst adding all the new features on top of this basis.

Some of these new features include:
* More diverse environments with new challenges
* Various story elements such as audio logs
* Special one-shot missions
* Special tasks during normal missions
* New threats and random events
* New infection types with various special abilities
* New tools and upgrades
* Private cabin customization
* Character customization

Check our public Trello board for what we are (currently) planning and what we are working on: Trello.com

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