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We are hard at work on getting our prototype gameplay up to speed. we are trying new things every day both practically and theoretically. A lot of balancing discussions and this is what we have so far (feature wise)! Bare in mind, it's only work in progress! This is what we do to find out how to make the game as fun and interesting as possible.

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Projectile attacks

Here we can see how a double crossbow unit fires two projectiles towards a target.
Projectile attacks will be blocked by obstacles that stand in the line of sight of the target, thismay be bypassed by piercing or similar functioning abilities
Projectiles also face accuracy right now so the further away your target is the less damage you deal.
As you can the variety of attachments that you build with has been increased and the procedure of adding new attachments has been greatly simplified

Melee attacks

A melee attack was being performed on a friendly unit here
Melee has no special traits right now other than being considerably cheaper to cast, but this will most likely changesince balancing just has started.

Bombard attacks

Bombard attacks makes it possible to attack targets behind cover or other obstacles and can damage multiple targets (aoe)

Walls and cover

Here we test how a match would play adding in some cover and walls (orange)
Currently a match is not very tactical but next we will be working on commander abilities that can be performed at any time during your own turn and will have a large impact on how the battle will play out.
Commander abilities might include things like applying stances and repairing units, but also casting mines and direct damage abilities.


We have recently added stances as well which means that units can enter a mode that will give them traits for as long as the stance is active, you can only have one stance at a time.


We have spent a lot of time coding support for gameplay which means graphics and other pretty things gets left behind, and it will be like that for some time so expect more rough development updates like these in the near future
The next update will most likely be about our new ui tools that will allow us to have much more advanced unit/mech building interaction.

Also if you like this kind of devblog and find this kind of information helpfull or want to know more about specific things please leave a comment and let us know! =)

follow us to get all the latest info on the progress on our awesome turnbased tactics adventure!

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