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Today we want to show you guys how the setting of Tamed is gonna look like, or at the very least, its early concepts!

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Environments play a big part in every game, when it comes to Tamed, we want to convey a somber yet suspicious mood. Almost like something always feels off, or just not sitting right.

Today we have concepts of the first level, you can see some evolution from just the base are to the addition of assets along with the follow up areas!



You can see how it follows up from one area to the other, our character starts in his bedroom, and afterwards he will proceed through the trailer he's in, where he will try to hide from a suspicious hand!

We also have some colored concepts so you can have an idea of the proportion of the world when compared to our character!



We hope you're intrigued about how the game will turn out, that's all for this week!

We hope to see you here on the next one!

Pop Coin Studios

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