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We added a shield ability to our enemies, let me explain a bit how it works and connects to other game mechanics.

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Hey folks,

in the last devlog I gave a little sneak peek on a base-building element that's called an illuminant. But before I can explain what it does, I have to get to the main topic of this post: enemy shields. At nighttime, enemies become encapsulated by a protective night shield.

Night shields protect enemies from taking damage once, before they disperse. But while it is still nighttime, they regenerate. The player can disperse night shields with regular attacks...

...or utilize the tower element I was talking about. These illuminants disperse shields, which makes fighting close to your tower a very valid option.

Another very efficient way to deal with night shields are multi step attacks. For example, you can utilize barrels. Your explosive flask disperses the shield and triggers the barrel, which then spawns more flasks that deal damage to the now unprotected enemy.

I still have to do some testing e.g. on how fast night shields regenerate. If you want to have a look yourself in the Steam playtest, I would appreciate to hear your feedback.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!


Eärendil_Ardamírë - - 1,871 comments

A clever mechanic, wouldn't have thought of something like this. Also nice to see that there are then multiple ways on how players can work around it. Nice work!

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WooGee - - 9 comments

they look hungry, give them some food to eat >:(

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