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Build a giant tower and summon it to the battlefield!

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Hey everyone,

so this week I have something small and something big for you. Let's start with the smaller something.

I always wanted to keep UI elements attached to the 3D elements of BattleJuice Alchemist's world to a minimum. Years later I realized that I had already added quite a few interfaces and somehow missed the most important one: health bars for enemies. So, here they come:

TurtleLifeHUD 3MB

I went for this "newer" style that I think was popularized by games like Dark Souls, where the red bar is instantly shortened, but a secondary yellow or in my case beige bar slowly follows and gives you a good idea how much damage you dealt, even if the bar was not full when you hit.

Now let's come the big deal, which is mainly a teaser. I wanted to add one big gameplay element that ties together a few underused mechanics and adds depth to combat as well as crafting. This is why I am adding crafting your own alchemy tower. And the best thing: You can relocate it and summon it to the battlefield!

TowerSummoningBasic 3MB

Very roughly speaking, the plan is to make enemies tougher at night, so you yourself need more firepower to deal with them efficiently. This firepower is provided by your tower, which you construct yourself and equip with traps, canons and other elements.

I will talk about the tower in more detail in the next devlog, so stay tuned! Don't forget to join our Discord and enjoy your weekend!


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