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Let's have a look at how enemies' debuffs tie in with our new combat tower.

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Hey folks,

here comes another how-it-is-all-related devlog!

Debuffs have been a thing in BattleJuice Alchemist almost since day one. Enemies can use them to slow you down and cap your resource pools for a short amount of time. Here you can see an enemy debuffing the player in close combat before landing attacks:

CloseCombatDebuff 3MB

Players can get rid of debuffs by Juicifying a Health Flask of preemptively shielding themselves against them. The new thing is that enemies now also debuff player built structures. In the following gif you can see that the tower does not emit light anymore after being debuffed:

TowerDebuff 3MB

The players on the other hand have a tool themselves to deal with this: decoys.

Decoy 3MB

The decoy you can see here (a burning one) catches a debuff, so it does not affect another part of the tower. In the following gif you see the enemy using a debuff, but this time it affects the decoy instead of the illuminant, which itself continues emitting light and breaking the enemy's shield.

DecoyPreventingDebuff 3MB

There is a bit of mayhem going on there, but I hope you get the gist. The player has to decide whether they think a decoy is worth the resources and tower space or if they prefer other tower components.

That's all for today, I hope you enjoyed reading and have a great rest of the week! Aaand don't forget to wishlist ;)


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