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A look at the making and final trailer of the game "Anything but Dark".

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Hi everyone! Today we wanted to share gameplay trailer for the game Anything but Dark and express our thoughts while making it as well as our initial ideia for it.

Our inital thought for the trailer was that we wanted to share how fun the game is to play, but also present the variety of challenges the player will have to overcome during this level, so our team's artist reached the conclusion that it was better to do a gameplay trailer that is acompanied by small narrative moments that have the objective of showcasing the game's interesting narrative.

For the voices we went with a similar approach of Celeste and Animal Crossing, because we didn't want a clear and "real" voice, and for the music we went with some of the tracks that are already implemented in the game, more specifically the ones that happen during the dialogues in the boss phase and the intermediate phase.

We hope you've enjoyed this look at our trailer and the reasoning behind the creative choices made for it.

Stay tuned to learn more about our game through future devlogs!

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