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In this devlog we take a look at what we can do in Monsanto's Forest.

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Despite being tasked with finding the origin and solving the mystery of the missing children of Monsanto and it's monster invasion, there will be opportunities throughout the world to further help return the village and it's forest back to normal aswell as helping yourself on your quest.


Besides your Main Quest there will be side quests given by villagers around the forest and entry of the village. These are requests that constitute performing specific tasks like recovering 1 or more objects, kill specific enemies or interacting with something.

Quests 1

Quest 2

By completing these Side Quests, Villagers will grant you rumors they heard about interesting spots that could have something worth taking a look at. Either new quests, collectibles or simply Landmarks

Forest Area Cleasing

The Forest is divided into 3 main areas(1 Hublike area near the village's entry and the other 2 in th eforest). Each area is assigned a Danger Meter that shows the threat level present in that respective area based on the number of enemies spawned in that area.

mapa layout1

By eliminating enemies you will clear more and more of that Danger Meter until its empty. When this happens an Altar will be available to be interacted with. We will talk about them later on the article.

AreaDanger 2


Another way to keep or add to the need of explore the world, is using collectibles as rewards for player curiosity. The collectibles below are spread out in the world and available for the player to find and collect.

- Chapel Treasures

As mentioned on the previous Devlog , these serve a purpose of improving our Character permanently in general aspects. They are normally amongst piles of rubble or trash that Maruxinhos, an enemy, consider shiny and decide to steal and guard.

Treasure 1

- Region Relics

These are objects that give a bit of lore related to the region's culture, it's people or monsters. By collecting these you will add an entry to your journal that shows it's visual looks and description.


Player Aid:

- Devoted Houses

While in the village's entry, you can interact with certain villager houses that are more devoted to the Order of Christ and more kind to you which allow you to eat meals that they are serving, granting you a Stamina Buff, or sleep, this way restoring completely your HP and giving you a Well-Rested Bonus.

DevHouse 1

- Altars

If you have cleared the respective areas, as metioned on the Forest Area Cleasing section above, an Altar will be available for interaction which will grant you a powerfull temprary buff.

Captura de ecr 2023 04 08 2036

- Campsites

These are located around the forest areas and they allow you to rest and restore a lesser amount than sleeping in a Devoted House and no Well Rested Buff is given to you.


Current Progress

We have implemented all of these activities described at a programming level but most of these will have to add or just improved either 3D modelling or textures. In terms of Quests we have to fully implement the quests themselves but it's system is done.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for the next devlog where we will showcase more improvements done to the game regarding UI, 3D Models and maybe some gameplay related improvements.

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Till next time Dear Knights!

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