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Post news RSS Devlog #46 - Christmas Week & 2022 Roundup

In this devblog, we take a look back at 2022 and all the amazing things that happened + highlight the Christmas Truce is Verdun.

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Hello soldiers !

We’re slowly making our way towards the end of 2022. A lot has happened for us. On September 13, Isonzo released after announcing it back in March 2021. We want to thank you all for your support. Long time veteran of the series or new recruit, we appreciate your excitement for the game and we hope you’ll look forward to future content !

Isonzo at conventions

We did a lot of exciting things working towards the release of Isonzo. Back in March, we had our first public playtest of Isonzo at the W.A.S.D convention in London! It was exciting (and a little bit scary) to have our latest project out in the open for people to see and play. The response was very positive and we even made some fans of the series at the expo!


But we didn’t stop in London! Only a month later in April, members of the WW1 Game Series team flew across the ocean and headed to PAX East in Boston! This was an extra special event for us, as this was the first time one of our games was showcased in the USA! Like they say, everything is bigger in the States, and the convention sure was ! We met a lot of amazing people there and our 4-day long convention was a huge success. Big thanks to our American players for making this experience very memorable.



Isonzo in the IGN Gamescom show

At Gamescom, a month before Isonzo’s release, the devs were at the business pavilion of the convention, talking with press and content creators. But for you people at home, we had a big surprise! Jos had a talk with Matt Purslow from IGN to talk a bit more about the game ! This was also the first time we’ve shown some official gameplay of our Italian Front game. Thank you all for breadsonzo hype in chat and confusion the non breaderens 🍞

The Ultimate Collab

A really special video we’ve worked on for quite some time is our collab video with Indy Neidell and Pär from Sabaton ! This almost 1 hour long video, the three men talk about WW1, teaching about history nowadays and taking a look at Isonzo gameplay! This was extremely fun to do and make, and we definitely recommend you watching it (again) if you haven’t already.

Christmas at the Western Front

The Christmas Truce has started in Verdun on PC! Be sure to join and relive a special moment of history through our game. Listen to Christmas Carols, play some football (soccer) and send actual Christmas cards straight from the game !

storebanner verdun truce 800x450

If you send postcards, you'll automatically join our raffle to win prizes! These can vary from gamekeys to actual WW1 Game Series goodies. Winners will be contacted in the 2nd week of January.

verdun sale 1

The entire WW1 Game Series Bundle is on sale as well! Be sure to get the games or complete your bundle during the Winter Sale on Steam !

WW1 ChristmasCardBorder 19 12 20

We wish everyone Happy Holidays!

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