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Bugs, the dragon we all have to slay. Either you slay the dragon or it eats you up

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Today was a frustrating day

I was working on a demo release. This demo release has nothing to do with the final product in terms of story. It's simply meant to demonstrate how the game mechanic works and is also a way to explore how testers will react.

But alas, a monster appears. One that put my programming skills and mind into maximum overdrive.

But what happens when you decided to move on and work on other stuff, and it creates a chain reaction and ended up creating a list of bugs? And to make things worse, the engine crashes there and you forgot what changes you made and no idea on how to undo everything?


I tried to do all sorts of things. None of them works. Every time I solve one problem it leads to another and so on. It's leading no where

I do love challenges that is why I was so insistent on pursuing this feature. It's complex for someone of my level(I'm more of an artist) but I pushed on and in the end, I decided to give up. I remembered that there are good Samaritans out there who would love to help out. And I listen to their wisdom.

This incident taught me few things:

1)If you don't understand something, ask

Ego won't get you anywhere

2)If you don't understand it, learn it before deciding to play around

Knowledge is power

3)Do try to help others

Your solution may not solve the problems but learning from what other people say could solve your problem. Just by listening and understanding all the different solutions given by many people we all learnt a lot from one another

And now, we shall proceed down the road to an amazing game


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