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Fun racing with blue balls! Run and shot or die!!!

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Fun racing with blue balls! You must to hit the target for the electric gate to shut off, otherwise the rocks will knock you straight into the clouds.

IMPORTANT! You have to play with headphones, then you will hear from which side the ball is rolling on you from behind, and you can quickly dodge.

At first, I myself coudn't to go through this place from the first time from start to finish 😁

Maybe you will be luckier than me? You will find out when the game will be released.

Subscribe to the channel not to miss the release! 👉🔔

Likes, reposts, comments are also very important to me! Thank you 😊


00:15 shot and hit the target to open gates

00:14 ragdoll flying! 😁

00:40 listen ball sounds from your headphones

00:58 wow! checkpoint!

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