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Why is Wild Lynx Studios the pride of our hometown you ask? Well that's because it's time for another devlog post of course! This time presented by our artist, Ricardo... or should I say, presented by your usual host, only this time showcasing art stuff... That's more like it!

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(REPORT BEGINS) Time to showcase work developed by the artist. (STOP) This week we have final assets to be implemented into the game. (STOP) There is also an animation test somewhere in between. (STOP) Hope you enjoy the quick read. (REPORT ENDS)

Who would have guessed that developing a game has some hard work involved, not to mention the time investment needed to get the most minuscule component to work as intended, and most importantly, bug free... Well, time is short and a lot of work needs to be done, so no time for chit-chat this time. Go read the other posts if you want some cheeky, most certainly done past midnight, type of writing, here linked for your convenience by our lovely friend, HTML. Say hi HTML!


Anyway, onto the art!

Casa 1 Share

Casa 2 share

Predio 3 share

Predio Fundo 2 share

Exposition dump concluded, here we have some final art that is going to be implemented into the game... real soon hopefully! Since the beginning area is located in a city, we find important to have at least a couple of different buildings in order to create that illusion. This way, the background includes, but is not limited to, the classic looping cityscape set piece. There are also going to be some fancy smoke layers in paralax, so... get your hopes up!

And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for... animation stuff! Now not only can you skip reading the text and only look at the pretty pictures, but you can also look at MOVING PICTURES™! Added engagement guaranteed!

testes rodas certas speed certoL

Today we bring you a fine example of a carefully put together piece, meticulously created with the single objective in mind of displaying smooth movement and perfect loops. Snake-oil salesman talk aside though, this quick test was made to have an idea of how the puzzle wheels are going to interact in-game. On one side we have the artist saying shadows are cool and that without shadows the gears become too simple. On the other, we have the game designer arguing that that's not how shadows are supposed to work in the context of spinning gears, not to talk about the fact that gears are supposed to be "circumference based", and the shadows only add noise to the precision movement gears have.

What's YOUR take on this heated argument? Take this chance to add fuel to this fiery discussion by leaving your comments on the comment section down below! Don't forget to like, commen-... wait... Recycled joke! Moving along!

Anyway, that's about it. We actually have a lot of interesting stuff to show, so expect another post real soon... after-all, the best things come in small packages. Well, inapplicable and generic sayings seem like a good note to end things on. See ya!

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