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Post news RSS Devlog #127: encounters, interviews and gameplay changes

New devlog entry for Shardpunk. Lots of stuff happening recently. I mean indie game development is pretty busy all the time, when I think of it.

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Hi! First and foremost, I've been recently interviewed for the FearFest festival that Shardpunk was a part of - you can watch the short interview here:

It was a great experience getting featured among all the other interesting games there. Indie game development can get a little bit lonely sometimes - especially if you're working alone in a home office - so seeing all the other participants and listening to their stories was a nice experience.

Mental note to self: if Shardpunk is successful and you'll be able to work on another game, consider renting a desk in a co-working space; it might help maintain your sanity.

Anyways, I've been working on adding more minor encounters to the game. Here's one about encountering bodies of imperial scientists:

Also, here are some visuals for the sewage levers for another quest:

Besides that, I've decided to adjust one of the available weapon upgrades: the stun module. Initially, that module added a probability that a character might stun an enemy instead of dealing them damage. It turned out to be more often received as "annoying", instead of "a surprise, but a welcome one".

And I get it - if you are trying to one-shot that nasty big rat with your upgraded weapon, and in the end, it just stuns it, you're frustrated.

Therefore, I made sure that the "stun" upgrade gives the player an explicit control over the "stun shot" action, which has 100% chance to stun a target - assuming that it will hit it, of course.

That's it for this entry. Have a great weekend everyone! And as always, the Discord channel is right here!

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