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What is up databasers, I'm your host and this time we got some spicy, totally legit new content to show you! ... Don't worry, I also don't know how to tie this up with the article itself, so I'll drop it right away!

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Our first piece of news this time around is animation. Who doesn't like animation am I right? ... Probably our artist, since I was the one that ended up responsible for this aspect this time around. Truth is, we don't have a full time animator, so it's one of those responsibilities that more often than not get's shoved into the artist's lap, either voluntary or involuntarily. Turns out that "being able to draw ≠ being able to animate", who would have guessed? So in the midst of panic, a brave soul rises among the rest, bravery often derived from the will to face sleep deprivation, and decides to give the game's several animations an overhaul.

With that said, boy we sure hope you like the gif (correct pronunciation:[gɪf]) format, because we got tons. First, the iconic "idle animation used to present character personality" animation:

IdleGif 1

Next up, the "generic walking animation" animation:


And now for the most important of them all, the "peppy and short but still pushing that squash and stretch to the max jump animation" animation:

JumpGif 1

Last but not least, we have the " unique and improvised, please let's forget this because there is no reference animation" animation. Now with extra asset™ !


I'll have to admit, this one is still looking pretty rough... On the flip side, the gear turned out alright, besides the 8fps frame-rate that is.

And now, because we are a hard-working bunch, and don't want all of you to go through the hassle of saving all those gifs in case you want to share this quality content with all your friends and family, we've compiled all the animations into an extravaganza compilation video. Next time you want to share our animations, just use the video's URL and you'll be set to go ;)

Also, we don't do click-bait around here hehe

Overall, some animations can be implemented straight into the game without much trouble, while others will definitely need some tweaking. The raw animations were done with bones using Spriter, and then for the video, everything was put together in Animate, glitches and bugs included.

Switching over to the second and final news topic, Steam Chain now comes with sound and music included straight out of the box, with no additional charges involved! This aspect is being helmed by Filipe Simões (Farsycho) and Bruno Magalhães, so this time instead of having one plug-in dedicated section, we got two of them! For real though, check them out, the boys are doing a fantastic work. Soundcloud.com


And that's about it. To be honest, animation is pretty fun, albeit time consuming, but with love and patience everything gets eventually done. We don't talk about the attack animation around these parts though...

Cue second plug-in section:

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