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The first DevLog of Complex SKY about Dev Introduction and Demo version is coming

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Hi, I'm a sole developer of Complex SKY
A vertical automation floating flippable city/factory building in the sky
This is the first DevLog of me working on the game. I don't know how frequently the DevLog will maybe range for a few weeks to a month. It depends on my current workload and etc. etc.

Here is some backstory for the game. I was working on this game for almost 4 years and I have programming, 3d art, 2d art experiences as old as my game. I know how to program since 11 but at that time I didn't take it seriously, I can say I'm fairly new to this industry. Currently I started looking into marketing and that was very hard to get people into the thing I made. I am looking forward to making a new gameplay trailer that shows cool stuff in the game.

Demo is coming
The demo version of the game hasn't been in my plan since I started, so to implement the demo version it may take some time and I am working in parallel with a new gameplay trailer so it takes ever more time. The demo version will show some of the general concepts of the game like how to build a building in sky land, how to setup a factory to automate production items, how to setup item transport routes between buildings, how to automate research technology and how population system work in game. What the difference between demo and alpha version, the demo version will contain less game content to fit into around 1 hour of play time but have more new features. and it marks the end of an alpha version.

anyway don't forget to join Discord Server to talk with the dev, talk with others, report bug(s), suggestions and any feedback is welcome. The next DevLog will be how do I get a game idea or maybe something else that comes to my mind at that time. The Early Access will be available around Q4 2021 so wishlist and follow for future update.

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