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Short hello to the world that this project is still activ and whats been going on.

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After some slow going during December and a slow start in January I am now back in full swing, coding, planning and eating chocolate like a crazy person :).
So what's been going on in the universe of Twisted Guardian?

Movement Controls
Busy testing some new movement code that allows for WASD controls of the character, similar to those in Skyrim,WoW, etc. Really enjoying this style of control as opposed to the traditional "click-move" controls of other ARPG. Its actually gone so far that I start the occasional D3 game with my fingers ready to use WASD to move :P. The WASD control option will be in the next release as well as the traditional "click-move" control so you guys and girls can go wild trying out which one you like best. The game should have the same playability no matter what control style you choose.


A whole bunch of new character attributes have been added that deliver the basis for the attack vs. defense system. The basic formulas for how attributes affect each other and how they are influenced by leveling have been hammered out. They are NOT set in stone though, this is the first test run of the system and it will probably be going through maaaaany iterations before the game is done. My main goal is to have a transparent system were the formulas may seem a bit strange but you as a player always know how each attribute benefits you. Some attributes can be increased by leveling up, others by items and consumables. In the end I want every choice you make concerning your characters attributes and the items he/she wears to matter.


I have been looking at some new website designs were I can offer more information on the game, a skill listing, forums and (maybe) a simple MUD experience of the basic storyline. But more about all of this next week.
And now its back to creating a universe full of hope and fear, trust and betrayal... Welcome to Twisted Guardian!

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