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Greetings Sci-fi & Survival Fans, Welcome to the 7th development update for WarpedSpace. Awoken from stasis into an unexpected and hostile environment, the Operator / explore must discover the mysteries of WarpedSpace or just build a HAB the choice is yours...

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Greetings Sci-Fi Fans Welcome to the 7th development update for WarpedSpace.

Woken from stasis into an unexpected and sometimes hostile environment, the operator/explorer must discover the mysteries of WarpedSpace or just build a HAB it's up to you ;)

September 2022 Progress

The Ships Ui received a big update with visuals for
Ship Signature, Shield Status, Power Core Status, warnings, and fuel levels

Asteroid variations were added some static and moving that result in interesting gameplay.

Tractor Bean's were improved and can now interact with more objects in space.

Various ship functions and their keybinds were added,
for example space break, shield toggle, engine toggle etc..

Later full Joystick and Controller support was added !

A player character model added with placeholder animations for floating, pushing buttons and holding the various tools and weapons.

To test, one base piece's visuals was updated for placing, during base building, the other base pieces still need this update.

Ship detection was updated with per ship hologram visuals.

Environment scanning was updated which helps the player to find interesting item scattered across asteroid belts and debris fields and other locations.

World Generation was also worked on so that it is only generated once and then after loaded, which results improved loading times and item persistence.

Salvage also received a visual update, giving variation to the different ship wrecks you can cause or encounter.

New ship module slots and modules were added to the game allowing a more customized ship.
Some modules improve the ships shield regen, rate of fire others reduce negative environmental effects.

A Web Field Bubble was added. Deployed from hostile ships this field disrupts your ship thrust drastically causing it to slow you down.

You might want to avoid them during combat as agility is key to surviving space combat.

Improvements to space debris fields

Other notable things worked on:
Respawn Mechanics
Ship Interaction
Space Docks
Ai Improvements

That's all for this update! Remember you can keep up to date with our development progress
by joining the discord or following me on twitter @warpedspacegame and join the WarpedSpace Discord

Until the next update, see you in WapedSpace!

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