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Hello everyone. First of all , i would like to say that i work hard on this Game Update #2 but it's out, so check the list below what changes, fixes, new things etc this Update brings. Stay tuned for upcomming Updates ,(remember) this week i will officialy give release date for the Alpha version of the game.

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-Jumpscares (they might be still bugged but in next updates i will try to fix them)
-Footsteps effects (Simple Footsteps sound effects)
-New Ambient Sound
-Lightning Effect (Rain looks better with lightning more climatic)
-Sprint (As i said yesterday in Development Update #1 first thing i does was script the Sprinting, in future versions i will add a limit sprint but for now it's unlimited)
-Sprint sound
-Environment (barrels , boxes, rocks, chairs etc. to make maze doesn't look so empty)
-Flashlight Model (In next versions i will try to change it to more advanced one)
-Flashlight sound (when turning on/off)
-Game Version (in top right corner version of the game is now displayed "ALPHA - WORK IN PROFRESS in BETA version it will show BETA - WORK IN PROGRESS but in final release it will show LIM - V1.0 etc.)
-Main Menu Controls Added ( When game starts and main menu shows up the controls is displayed in left side of the screen)

I checkd all the scripts and found some bugs like:
-Not properly working jumpscares (now fixed)
-Footsteps sound stops playing when player pressing 2 keys like (W+D) or (W+A) (now it works properly)
There is still much much more bugs i have to care of and i will try to fix them in next Update.

-Player walk speed reduced to 4.
-Player Sprint speed reduced to 8.
-Level is now a little bit darker

To do in next Update:
-Level Environment
-Fix script buggs
-Optimize everything before official Alpha release
-More jumpscares
-Ambient sounds/effect sounds
-Traps (not sure about this one meybe traps will be added to the game in BETA or Final Release)

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