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Some questions with they respective answers to this first development update. Additionally some more information about Islanded.

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First of all, thanks for that 300 views in only 17h. 67 of 14430 games in the first 9h. Amazing. It makes me feel that something good I do, at least...

Well, some of you are asking some thinks about the game, and with this first Q&A i want to answer them. I remember that you can answer anything about the game, and if I know the answer, in other Q&A will be answered.

Q. Absolutely amazing. And the music adds greatly to the atmosphere. I don't know what kind of music you have in the game, but if it is something like this, it might be absolutely amazing.

A. Music will be the same as the video, because I want to approach the game in a mysterious way, without geting terrific. Moreover, the video of the pre-alpha include only music, but I hope the game has multiple surround sound depending on the area and time.

Q. Looks cool. Is this like a stranded-island-survival game or what?

A. Like you say, i want to make the game a "stranded-island-survival", and let me say that the game is ready to play, I have one .exe and is perfectly playable, but there is only one terrain. My purpose is to complete the design of the island and launch an alpha version with just the graphics section. Once done, I would like to add variables such as health, cold, heat, food, etc.. Enemies, weapons, building and more islands. Always with the style of a lost island, so find an M4A1 will be impossible.

Q. It would be always 1st person?

A. Yes. I want to make as much possible immersive that I can.

Q. Will the weather change (Sunny, rainy), or time will change from day to night?

A. Yes. But now, like i say before the first I want to end is the terrain.

That's all for today! If you have any answer, feel free to ask me.
I remember you that you can follow the progress of the game here, in the web page Engynecreations.com (Currently working on it, but you can subscribe to the newsletter), or in twitter*.

*The twitter account is @engynecreations, but some people follow me on @engyne09. The @engyne09 account is my personal, and there I only will speak in Spanish.

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