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A lot has happened since the second closed alpha test. We've reviewed all of the feedback and improved and reworked many game features.

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Our next big goal is the release of the public demo version in the first quarter of 2023. The Tormentis demo will be playable offline. Even though core elements of the game like raiding other players' dungeons or trading equipment may only be available online, we really like being able to play the story and the random dungeons in single player offline mode.

Main Screen

It took a while, but we finally decided on a consistent design that runs through all Tormentis menus. The header controls provide access to essential functions from all menus.

Tormentis Dungeon Editor

The dungeon editor has been completely overhauled and the controls on the bottom control bar have been merged instead of being spread all over the screen as before. We've also tried to make it easier to use and reduce the number of clicks required.

Tormentis Hero Stats

In one of our first prototypes we already played with large scaled stats tree, but for various reasons it didn't make it into the alpha versions. After the desire for an original solution arose during the second alpha test, we also worked out something new here that can also be controlled well with a gamepad or touch input.

Players will receive two stats points per level, which can be freely distributed to best support the chosen skills and refine the build. Stats points can contain simple bonuses, but they can also cause very strong changes in the goal of the game.

Tormentis Hero Skills

The skill selection has also been completely revised and rearranged. Now it becomes obvious that the available skills depend on the equipped weapon. Skills are now divided into mana-generators, offensive skills, defensive skills, and tactical skills.

Tormentis Hero Details

We want to display hero data as clearly as possible! That's why we spent a lot of time designing a stats overview where the most important numbers and values are easy to see at first glance and all the details are available via tooltips.

Tormentis Gameplay Fireball and Traps

A lot has changed in the gameplay as well. By revising the lighting and some technical adjustments, the frame rate could already be improved to a constant 50+ fps. This will be sufficient for the public demo, but we still have some opportunities to make significant gains here later.

Tormentis Gameplay Fire Tower

We would love to read your feedback and wish you happy holidays and a good start into the new year 2023.

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