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Here is a wrap-up of the four latest patches we've done to Damnation City of Death.

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We've just released the latest version 0.82 patch for Damnation City of Death. During February we've also released couple other patches, versions 0.81, 0.80 and 0.79. Here's what new these patches have brought into the game.


Added more melee attack animations for player character.
UMP45 & Skorpion now have unique reload animations.


Added new broken vehicles to city streets including a garbage truck.

Craftable item - Beacon

Added a craftable beacon. The Beacon shows the direction to your base in compass, so you can easily find your way back to your base. a Player can only have one active beacon.

Furniture system

We created a new furniture system, which now saves all the furniture in the map file. It also is synchronized between server and clients more efficiently. New system allows the houses to have more realistic rooms. The System hasn't been applied to every house yet.


You can now remove ammunition from a gun in inventory.
Clips in inventory can now be combined.

Multiplayer improvements

  • Improved client player's performance.
  • We are testing a dedicated EU Server that any player can play on.
  • Enemy attacks are now synchronized between clients and server.
  • Improved network code for longer game sessions.
  • Fixed internal errors from client players when receiving certain multiplayer packages.
  • Fixed desynchronized objects between clients and server in multiplayer.


Added ability to invite your friends into your game directly from Steam.
You can now join to your friends game from Steam overlay.


Added jumping and landing sounds for player.
Added sounds for in-game menus for example when scrolling inventory.


Updated hit effect in UI.
Updated wound effect in UI.
Created a new death screen.
Updated compass & day indicator with new icons.
Game now doesn't move around menus when typing in menu chat while having a controller plugged in.
Added a number to indicate the amount of wounds player has in blood bar.

Miscellaneous updates

  • Fixed NPC base door from getting stuck.
  • Inventory slots now show the correct amount of used slots in the UI.
  • Optimized generated world to have better performance in the game.
  • Fixed NPC character weird turning on client players.

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