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Post news RSS Development has BEGUN!!!! ..... Again <.<

So after a Few years now as alot of you`ve have seen. DEVELOPMENT HAS CONTINUED! Read more About it inside!!!

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Hello Viewers,

Its Bioblaze Payne here. The Crazy Guy that was on Video so so so many years ago. Over the Years, Learning Networking since our Networker Walked off. Learning Unreal Engine, and CryEngine, things have taken a Turn for the better.

And because of that... DEVELOPMENT HAS BEGUN AGAIN!

The Current Engine that "Last of Humanity" is built with now. Is of course. "Unreal Engine 4" After spending a few years with Unreal and almost a Full year with CryEngine. Developing Games for other People, and working for a large set of companies. Ive Sifted through all of the Old Source, and Ported a Massive Majority of it over to Unreal Engine.

From a Visual Standpoint CryEngine is indeed better. But Asset Creation, and Learning Curve for that has taken its toll on alot of people. And because of that, development in CryEngine was not correct for "Last of Humanity".

Now some of you are wondering. "What Happened, and Why wasnt Last of Humanity Released?" To that Question. Alot of internal Problems, 1 after another Eventually Leading to a Postponement of the Project. Ontop of that, one fine day about 2 Weeks before Kickstarter. My Skype was filled with "I`m Sorry the Networking is never going to work. bye." And Poof went out Networker. And without the Networking on Point, the Promise of a Few Month Development Time was REALLLY Dumb. We obviously couldnt make that, on the Budget we expected to receive, we werent Looking for a half million dollars.

So the only sensible thing to do was to Postpone the Launch of the Kickstarter untill a later date. Which eventually became later, and later. Days to Weeks, Weeks to Months, and Months to Years. Slowly Developing the Skillsets needed, along with the technologies needed to continue the Game we always dreamed of. And Now I believe we can, and not only can we but we will!

Over the next few months, I will be Posting Videos, and Even Builds of the Game in the Testing Phase. Focusing on Player Control, and Environment Interaction. Everything with Networking. Currently the Test Server is Supported on AWS that may change in the Future. I have 230+ Alpha Registrations from our last attempt at a Alpha Test. Unfortunately, last time we were unable to do it.

This time will be Different.

I will be Posting Stuff About the Project, and getting the Old Dev Team back together. Most were left unpaid, which will be addressed over time. Sucks when you don`t Launch a Kickstarter LOLz, but its good when you don`t rip off the general Project much like other Zombie indie Games.

Ok so onto the Current Details!

Networking is running about 200 Simulated Clients, I will be Posting small Links and Keys to Load up Webplayer style builds using WebGL so you will need a HTML5 Client to run them. I will be focused on Gathering Information on the Network Latency, we are aiming to break 1000 people in 1 Region. Which was our original Attempt and we were suppose to Launch with.

Ok, I want to leave ya with Pictures, and Videos. But I want to leave it up too your imagination. Also Thank you "Unity3d" For Banning me from your System for being a Pirate. Best thing you`ve ever done. <3 Last of Humanity was better for it. So Thank you.

:D See you Soon Folks. I`ll Keep you Posted.


finally good news!

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Is anything still happening here ?

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