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The explanation behind the 4 different parts the custom story will be split up into is mentioned in this dev diary.

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Yo and welcome to another part of my dev diaries!

Since I got plenty of spare time today, I decided to work on The Forgotten Door. The cellar is almost completely done now. Only one room needs to be mapped and the scripting is more or less done. Changes might be made in the future, but that remains to be seen.

The Forgotten Door will be split up in 4 different parts. DON'T WORRY! I will not split up the custom story in different mods (like Silent Hallways). It will be one large mod, not several. What I mean is that the story will be split up in 4 different "settings". The first one (where everything starts) doesn't really have a name, but we can call it "The Beginning".

The Beginning won't scare you, that part will let you walk around the mansion real quick. The next part is called "Creeping Dark".

Creeping Dark begins when you hit the first dream. This is where the creepy stuff starts and the game will take you a little deeper into the story, you will also learn a little of what your grandfather was doing before he died. The third part will perhaps be called "Shadow Rising".

Shadow Rising may not be the final name since I haven't gotten this far yet, but Shadow Rising will take you even deeper into the story, find out more of what your grandfather was trying to do, the history of the mansion and the increasing attacks from the monsters that will try to stop you. The final part will be called "The End".

I'm sure you can guess what The End will be about. This is the part where you are closing in on the answers you seek, and eventually, finish the custom story. However, you (the player) will choose what the ending will be. I will not write anything about the 2 endings, I will only say that there will be one good and one bad ending.

This is it for dev diary 7. Hope you liked it! :3

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