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Post news RSS Development Blog - 04/10/20

An update on our creative process, direction, and progress towards the Early Access release of Dark Fracture.

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We have some exciting announcements for you, new developments that are coming to the game, upcoming appearance in the Steam Game Festival, and more!

And so, we will begin with our absolute elation for our appearance in this upcoming Steam Game Festival! The event will start on the 7th of October and we are very excited to once again dip our toes into these particular waters, and there is a reason for you all to be excited about it as well! Because as we approach the festival we will unveil new material from our upcoming early access development, so keep an eye out for news from us.

We will be announcing our upcoming broadcasts, as well as show off a brand new teaser! And this teaser would include only new material from our early access! So if you still didn’t follow and wishlist Dark Fracture please do it now and keep up with our latest updates and developments towards the release, your support is truly appreciated.

Next, we have some updates regarding the prologue. We have been keeping an ear and an eye out for all the feedback we have received. And we are working on fixing a few bugs and issues. Amidst these fixes are a few bugs that are very difficult to squash, which might take a while. But we would be releasing an update to address those as soon as we possibly can!

But even that doesn't include all we have been up to of late. The translation of the prologue to a few more languages for one. And even achievements! So keep an eye out for our upcoming updates.

And last but certainly not least. We wanted to update you all about the rate of our development blogs. For a while, we have attempted to keep these at a pace of an entry per week or two. But we are planning to change this up a bit. And so from now on, we will publish a blog post whenever we have a valuable update and one that's worth informing you about. An effort that would make our blogs far more informative.

Stay dark!

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