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In-depth information and visuals of the upcoming Monte Grappa map in Isonzo!

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Hello soldiers!

It’s almost time to get your assault on Monte Grappa started! Don’t forget, alongside this update will come the new weapons, Mac support and the Expedition Units Pack DLC. Be sure to check out our previous devblogs on these as well in case you’ve missed them.

The final standing

While along the course of the Piave all attempts at a breakthrough by the Austro-German troops were unsuccessful, the objective of the German General Otto von Below's was Mount Grappa. This range of mountains represented the keystone of the whole Italian front: winning its 1,770 meters meant that it would be possible to move into the plains of Veneto and leave behind both the Asiago plateau as well as the river.

On 20th November, the Austro-German troops occupied Mount Tomba and Fontana Secca, but three days later they were driven back to their original positions. Even lieutenant Erwin Rommel, already a protagonist at Kolovrat with his battalion of Württemberg, failed to break through because of his lack of knowledge of these peaks.

Want to read more about the history of the Battles of Monte Grappa? Read our devblog here.

For now, let’s take a closer look at the upcoming map and its objectives!

The battle for the Sacred Mountain

Your match will start out in Nomansland, a wooded area that has suffered a lot of damage from previous fighting. Trenches run through this dense forest, as well as a stream of water.

start gif

Nomansland2 Gif

Nomansland Gif

For the German Assault team, your first main objective will be Monte Tomba first, continuing along the ridgeline of the mountain towards Monte Palon and further beyond.

ForestObj Gif

Your A & B objectives will be a Bunker Forest Capzone and a destructible objective which is a communications bunker, which can be found on the top. You’ll see stone barracks and resting areas on the backside of the mountain ridges.

ezgif com optimize 2 1

Be wary of the steep climb! But then again, it’s a mountain top, so what did you expect ;)

If the Germans are successful, they’ll advance to Castel Cesil, a fortified area above the forest. This is one of the main objectives for the section of the map. The other one will be a heavy artillery piece that is located in the valley.

Reference comparison GrappaPromo 1

This area of the map will have several fortified positions that provide great overlooking areas, may it be the forest or the valley. This valley will also be a big divider between the two objectives! So be sure to be strategic in your plans for assaulting and defending them. Will the your team's snipers make those shots count, or will the Germans separate the defenders amongst the objectives in an efficient manner?

Valley Gif

The third main objective will be Monte Palon, another destructive objective. Here your goal will be to blow up (or defend) the munition stock of the artillery gallery. This section of the map is especially interesting since it has multiple cave systems to defend or sneak around in.

If you’re afraid that the enemy might be camping out in the caves, you can always try to advance through the center, where you run into the main trench ‘artery’, which runs along the mountain ridge. Or maybe you find your own special route towards the objective?

Reference comparison GrappaPromo 2

And there it finally is, the snowy mountain top! Destroyed trenches, cratered landscapes, artillery batteries and crestling hills & valleys paint your final objective - Cima Della Mandria.

Reference comparison GrappaPromo 3

Your final A & B objectives will be a capzone and a destructible artillery battery. On the right side you’ll find a crashed ‘Caproni’ bomber leading towards the main trench in the area, leading to this final destructive objective. The final fight for glory on this Holy Mountain is shaping up to be a fierce one, so be sure to make it count!

SnowObj Gif

Now to round it all up, here’s a flyover of the Monte Grappa Map.

Mehr Musik

You asked for the Isonzo OST to get updated with the German’s theme and the instrumental/piano version of Rinasceremo Insieme, so we did! Starting today, you can find these songs in your soundtrack folder as well!

Did you know that the piano reprise of Rinasceremo Insieme was actually earlier in the making than one with lyrics? The piano version used to be a guide track for the development team and the Tenor vocalist initially.

A few months ago, our landscape artist Kian, who's responsible for the map flyovers, was browsing the pieces of music that were created for the game and saw this one fit for the Piave flyover. That's when Bart, our composer, did some minor mix updates to make the track fit nicely on the Isonzo soundtrack album.

If you don’t own the Isonzo Soundtrack yet, you can get it now with a 20% discount on Steam!

Upcoming Anniversary

Upcoming Friday, April 28th, will be the Verdun Anniversary for its release on Steam!
Go back to the origin of the WW1 Game Series at the Western Front.

The game will be available with a big discount along with some other aspects, so be sure to keep an eye on it!

See you next time soldiers!

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