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A closer look at some of the items in the upcoming Expedition Units pack! Alongside some other news, an updated roadmap and a teaser.

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Hello soldiers !

As you know, the new upcoming map in Isonzo will be Monte Grappa! Along with this new map will also be new weapons and a new DLC pack for the Germans - the Expedition Units Pack ! And there’s more news! We’ve finally updated the roadmap, and as you can see, you can expect to conquer Monte Grappa this May! And what's that; do you spy the new addition as well? Yes, a special Piana map will come to Isonzo as well, with even more content !

isonzo roadmap march

But that’s news for a later devblog. For now let’s take a closer look at the Expeditions Units Pack DLC ! And remember, these DLC’s are purely cosmetic and DO NOT impact the game at all with perks or buffs.

Expedition to the cold

This pack will contain 48 items, regarding the Gebirgsjäger and Alpenkorps - all ready and geared up for the cold temperatures. Furthermore, there will be the Royal Bavarian Lifeguards and extra heavily kitted out, grenade laden stormtroopers.

Overall it will contain:

  • 12 German Uniforms
  • 24 German Headgear Items
  • 2 Facial Items
  • 7 Facial hair items
  • 3 Faces

Smart usage

One of the exciting items in this DLC pack is originally part of the Sappenpanzer, also known as ‘Brustpanzer’, ‘Grabenpanzer’ or even as the ‘lobster armor’. The name derives from the word ‘Sappeur’ or ‘Sapper’, which was the word used to describe someone who was employed to to engineering and constructing tasks during sieges. It also relates to the word ‘ Sappen’, which was also a different word for ”above-ground approach roads'' aka trenches.

As you might have guessed, this armor was mostly worn by assault troops and engineer corps. They would wear this armor due to the danger of being at the frontline of the conflict. The armor was made out of tempered steel breastplate that was 22 mm (0.87 inch) thick, weighing an average of 9 (19.8lb) to 11 kilos (24.2lb). It had the typical ‘feldgrau’ color and first saw battle in 1916.

Ofcourse, this piece of equipment didn’t come without any complications. Soldiers wearing them found it difficult to throw grenades or use a rifle. Additionally, the weight of the plate was a considerable disadvantage. This led to several changes that were made at the end of 1917. A backstrap was added, part of the plate was cut away to allow a soldier to shoulder his firearm and hooks were added for heavy loads. At the very least, a belt was added. Between 400,000 and 500,000 breastplates are thought to have been manufactured between 1916 and 1918. Here you see a picture of the armor, which makes it easy to see where it got his lobster nickname from.

To accompany the armor, an add-on for the helmet was introduced as well. The Stirnpanzer was a brow plate for the 1916 Sahlhelm that was worn. This was a thick reinforcing brown plate that was attached to the helmet, mostly to protect the soldiers from sniper shots. Weighing over 2kg (4.4lb), it made the helmet very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. This is why the soldiers came with an alternative usage, and this you’ll be able to do in Isonzo as well.


Stirnpanzer worn as its intended use. Source

To give themselves the extra protection the plate gave, without having the extra weight on their head, soldiers started to use it as a protective face plate. This allowed the soldiers to move around their head freely and gave the face extra protection from bullets and other debris they might encounter during their assaults, such as grenades.

face plate together

Left image source

The snow shoes

Going to Monte Grappa means that you should dress accordingly. Which brings us to the ‘Schneeshuhersatsabteilung’, also known as the Snow Shoe Battalion, which is very fitting. First seen in 1914 in Münster, they were called the Austrians (die Österreicher), as the uniform was unknown to the public, but had some resemblance with the Austrian uniform.

snow shoe

Kompanie / Schneeschuh-Ersatz-Abteilung / 3. Jäger Regiment. Source.

This new uniform was characterized by the ’Schneeschuhmütze’, from which the mountain cap from the mountain troops later developed. The uniform was of gray-greenish color, and the jacket reached the hip area of the soldiers, which was named the Litewka. This coat is also very easily recognizable with the two ‘S’’es on both sides of the collar. Instead of the usual tight field trousers, the Schneeschuh’s trousers had a wider crotch area. Additionally with the uniform came woolen gaiters up to the knee and ski boots (later mountain boots). A backpack instead of a knapsack held their other equipment such as, Skis with Huitfeld0F28 or Bligeri bindings 1F19. The men who were wielding machine guns were also given snow tires. Furthermore, ski poles, gloves and snow goggles, a warmer coat and woolen blanket completed the equipment they were given.

DLC Blog example a

During the winter, a white camouflage clothing was provided, to be worn over the Litewka. And for the ones who were sent up the mountain, a mountainstick was given, although many pictures show them with ‘normal civilian’ walking sticks, which were sufficient enough.

snow shoe ice pick

An ice pick being used as a walking stick. Source.

As the hat didn’t provide any protection (but was comfortable for the soldiers), it was replaced by the leather Jägertschako in February 1916, and in July the same year, they were assigned the Stahlhelm as protection against snipers and fragments. Despite these upgrades for their safety, many soldiers continued to wear their original hat (which was forbidden).

This pack will be released in May, alongside the Monte Grappa map. The price will be $9.99. We know you guys can’t wait until you get to fight on this sacred mountain but for now, enjoy this new screenshot !

Grappa DLC 8

Additionally, keep your eye out for something else coming to Isonzo soon 🍞


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