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Marketing thoughts and general progress on Tumbling Apart.

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July 16:

So the extended demo is out and Tumbling Apart's development is chugging along. The third "section" (if that's what you can call it) is complete, and there's about nine more to go. Aside from some final polishing, it's about a quarter of the way done. I'm happy with the progress.

You always hear developers say their game never feels finished. That they could just keep working and polishing forever. I get it now. Since the demo has been released, I have to force myself to keep from going back and finding that one bit where I say, "Ah, I can improve that," because I want to, you know, finish the game. For those devs tempted to always go back and fix, remember that at some point you can only polish so much before you wear away the veneer.

Also marketing. Don't forget the marketing.

I read somewhere that an indie dev should devote a third of their time to marketing, and I believe it. Good old word of mouth is always going to be the most effective method of getting people to play your game, especially if the quality is good (and I believe Tumbling Apart is quality), but you've got to reach out in the initial stages to get the match struck that can light the tinder. Twitter updates, writing blogs, reaching out to people in the industry, imgur... there's a wealth of options out there.

Nicholas Paul at Video-Game-Break was kind enough to write an early preview of the demo, and it was received very positively. Since then, two let's players have committed to doing a show, and one more reviewer will be testing out the demo. Hopefully that tinder will start burning into a fire. Everything helps, so if you played the demo and enjoyed it, please get the word out. As always, your comments and feedback mean a lot.


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