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Post news RSS Devblog #38: Free-to-Play is coming to Grimoire.

Grimoire is going to transition to a Free-to-Play model where players will be able to earn classes through playtime or purchase them through Steam.

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This year will see some big changes for Grimoire. The biggest will be a transition from Pay-to-Play to Free-to-Play. Throughout development we have faced many challenges but there has always been one major problem: Not enough people playing. We have tried multiple ways to fix this but have not been successful. Now it is time for a more drastic approach.

First off I want to make it clear: All current owners of the game will be granted the “Ultimate pack”. This will give access to all current classes as well as any future classes that are added to the game. We are also working on creating some special bonuses as a reward for being an early supporter.

Here is how Grimoire’s Free-To-Play will work: All of the game’s features including game modes, maps, etc will be available for free to all Steam users. The paid content will be the game’s classes.
All free users will start with access to the Fire class and then be able to access the rest of the classes in three ways.

  1. Playing the game and earning “Arcane” points which can then used to unlock classes.
  2. By purchasing individual classes through Steam.
  3. “Ultimate Pack” bundle which will include all current classes as well as any future classes also purchasable through Steam.

Note: All current owners of the game will automatically be granted the “Ultimate Pack” once the F2P transition happens.

This is not a decision that has been made lightly. There are many reasons, but the transition to Free-to-Play is primarily so that you will have people to play against. Without this change there is simply no guarantee that we will ever reach the critical mass of players required to have full servers.

I have left out details like pricing because I would like to get community feedback and input before finalizing anything so please let me know what you think in this blog’s comments, email, or Steam message. I will answer all the questions that I can and address any concerns.


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