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Hi everyone, we are going to do a little introduction to our new game "The Lost Legacy", we want you to join us in this journey, for this we want to present you first hand what are our ideas, our research so you have a more solid idea of the basis of our game.

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Our game is set on the planet Xion.

Game Structure:

The Lost Legacy is an Action/Adventure, focused on presenting a series of levels with puzzles and various enemies, to overcome these challenges we will have the help of two special skills that we will acquire in the course of the story of the game.


We are an ant that has the mission to collect food and fuel for a spaceship, with the aim of being able to leave the planet where we are.During our journey we will find several challenges that we can overcome with the help of the two new skills ... you want to know what these skills are ... Join us to find out!!!!


We took references from Diablo 3 and Transistor to create the base of our map and the type of camera.

Diablo 3


The type of artwork we chose is inspired by the games "Astroneer" and "Morphite", giving a good immersion to the environment we present to you.



The way we plan to create the puzzles are inspired by "Ghost of tale".

Ghost of tale


The process our little team did so far is to do research on the mechanics we presented above, research on the artistic style we want to offer you as well as writing the narrative.We still have a long way to go, we are excited for you to be part of our progress, of course we will update you often to keep you updated on the status of our game.

We want to hear your opinions, and we want you to join us in this journey, feel free to share your ideas with us.

Thank you Everyone!

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