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Post news RSS Dev update: The Sound and the Fury (of stickybombs)

After some marketing catch-up we're back to developing and playtesting. We sent a build over to OUYA for them to try, and have added a sound person to the team.

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The last couple of weeks we've been playing catch-up with marketing. Organizing Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, our IndieDB page and Greenlight Concepts page has taken much more of our time than we thought. I think we're through the setup phase, so it'll just be periodically updating the posts from here on.

Last week we received an email from OUYA as they were interested in seeing what we're up to. We sent them over an APK and got a lot of excellent feedback in return. I'm working on implementing some of the ideas right now, like faster 180 turns for the tank when airborne.

Notable this week has been the addition of Andy Smith as our SFX guy. So far our sounds have been whatever I could find lying around that sort of fit. It'll be nice to have a pro in this area on the team.

We've also added a visual indicator for stickybombs. Without the added flashing the stickybombs became lost on screen with too much action. You could hear beeping, but you didn't know where they were or who was going to blow up. We're pleased with the results:

And here I am, exploding myself:

You can check them both out with sound on YouTube:

Sticky test
Self explosion (sound is glitchy on the explosion -- ShadowPlay seems to do this sometimes)

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