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This week was all about the implementation of particle effects (using Pixel FX Designer) and adding Scriptable objects to the game.

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Hi All,

As promised in the last Dev Log we are back with another update!

The Team is Currently working on getting particle effects and passives working and looking good

New In-Game:

Particle effects was the name of the game for Jelle this week! The week was spent creating some really awesome looking sprites and getting used to the particle effect software (Particle FX Designer)

Keith worked on getting the passive items working more efficiently and worked on making them easier to add as we will be adding a ton more!

We also managed to upload to our YouTube page for your enjoyment :D

Coming Soon:

Currently our todo list will be to continue working on particle effects and assets for filling rooms.

We hope you stick around to see where we go from here.

Warm Regards,
Level of Detail Studios.

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