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Post news RSS Dev Diary Entry 2 - Fog of War + Week of the Moray!

This week's dev diary entry showcases how we use Fog of War in our game and also the reveal of our newest creature, the Moray! Oh and a little friend popped up in this week's video! Check it out!

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So this week we're going to be showing one of our main game mechanics, the Sonar / Fog of War relationship and again, we decided to show you a little gameplay video to illustrate our point! Please do keep in mind that most, if not all, the art is temporary and is subject to be changed in the future. Although this week we had a guest popping up during our recording!

So here's a breakdown of the controls and features represented in the video :

  • The fog of war will hide most of the screen, using the sonar you can get clues of what's hidden;
  • If there is a hidden passage you can reveal the real landscape using the sonar;
  • Other objects will be signalized if they are out of your view range;
  • After you explored a zone the fog of war will show partially the zone but hide the "enemies"
  • Yes, thats a grumpy fish.

Sonar will be used mainly for exploration and cautious play style, there will be more tools in our little yellow submarine!

And to start this week's creature reveal, we leave you with our creepy friend, the Moray!

Moray Concept 1

Ok, this is it for today, but more concept and juicy info will come during this week so stay tuned! And don't forget to track us so you get all the updates ASAP!

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