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Post news RSS Dev Diary #7: Big Demo Update and Reaction video!

A massive update taking the game from v0.0.13 to v0.0.2 has been released adding lots of new content, plus we put together a short video of player reactions to ManneKin: Hessler Storage!

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Welcome back, Kin!

Today is a big day as we announce the v0.0.2 update has gone live and is available for players to download now! We're still kicking bugs in the teeth and getting the alpha demo up to scratch before we turn our full focus to the full game development.

So, what's new? Well, in v0.0.2 there's a massive update to the map itself. Featuring new assets, streamlined player direction (so you should get less lost, though we do want you to be disoriented) new scares, and a lot more. We've been focusing on features that will be implemented in the full game while giving players an experience that they'll remember.

Lower Floor 1 Section 2

We've been scouring the internet for the best reactions to ManneKin: Hessler Storage as a celebration of the v0.0.2 release and we found some great ones. So we put them together in a short video to hopefully encourage more players to try out the alpha demo and wishlist the game.

The map extension moves players from Lower Floor 1 Section 1 to Lower Floor 1 Section 2 and a little beyond. But there are still four endings to the demo... or are there? There may be a secret fifth ending... Not that we said anything...

Though you may want to be wary of Section 2. Things seem different past the bricked-up doorway. The mannequins seem more upset than usual and you're going to need to navigate your way through a strange columned area to safety.

Section 2

We've also been working on something that will come in handy as the game progresses and can be found in Section 2. It's your only defense against the mannequins but use it wisely. it takes a little bit of time to use this item and there's a reason why. We won't divulge too much information, there's something explaining its use close by.

We've also included a bunch of new scares and removed some other ones. Of course, if you do see any bugs then let us know in our Discord! Here's the full list of changes:

  • Closed off upstairs to keep it linear
  • Added new assets including an actual elevator... that's out of order
  • Added clearer directions and instructions for player progression
  • Updated and extended map including Lower Floor 1 Section 2 and Lower Floor 2 Section 1
  • Four new scares
  • One scare removed
  • Updated interactions and activations
  • Sanity damage is now active You can "die" in the demo (this is being changed as to what actually will happen upon death)
  • A way to defend yourself
  • A new hidden tape
  • A new page Map for Lower Floor 1 Section 1 in level
  • One ending replaced
  • Mannequins now grab you
  • Low sanity affects the player camera focus and movement
  • Mannequins become more dangerous the deeper you go into Hessler Storage
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