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Post news RSS Dev Diary #3 : Spinning Stars

Much work this week on the gameplay and trying out different platform builds. And, a scene for selecting levels to play.

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Well there is a lot to cover, so lets get started...


Lots of work on the game itself. Probably stuff you cannot see like tweaks to the gravity and bounciness of KB. The Little Blues were added as well, these little guys will start following you as soon as you open their Cell door. Your job is to then guide them to the portal, where they will be sent back home. If you go in too soon, you will end up leaving some of them behind.

I also finally added the spinning level at the start and end of the level. At the beginning it gives the player a look at most of the level, but does not give away where the portal location is. It is a neat little effect that I did when it was made in GameMaker, and I really wanted to add it again.

Level Designer

Not much work on the designer, however i did add the ability to export a level so that I can add it to the static game levels. I will be removing all of the File open, new, save stuff from the editor and moving it to a different scene. It will make for a much better experience for players who are creating levels in the long run (I think).

Level Selection

The main part of the story is that KB is travelling the Universe searching for his Little Blues that have taken by the Evil Reds. So I came up with the concept of showing the Universe to the player that can be used to select the different levels to play, and to show progression. So far I think it is looking good. Tell me what you think.

Small Stuff

@SimonRylanc on Twitter mentioned that video made him a little dizzy because the stars are spinning in relation to KB. I took that advice and modified the background object to no longer follow KB, and instead stay stationary. Not only did this make the game look better, but it also reduced processing in the game 2-4%. The video below shows the results.

Coming Up

This week there are a number of items to be worked on.

- Player Health Bar
- Level Completion Stats
- Player Preferences and Saving Status
- Designer Draw Squares
- Remove File Stuff from Editor, move to separate scene.

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