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Small Dev Log explaining key features of what will be in alpha and what is the project is about for those who don't understand it that well enough.

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Hey, everyone, Takira here

Want to inform forum members that project is not dead just going slowly because of what's happen and people started to have doubts about the outcome of everything but bear with me i shall not fail here, so enough with the same crap time to get going on some dev log explanation. Like to update with this new music piece that a friend of mine who is an Sound Designer just recent been chatting about the music and it's emotional state towards different interaction within the game world and AI the sound will make you feel quite immersive in this wonderful appealing game World.

What is purpose of this project? Well, project at first was about Naruto started in May 08, 2012 had inexperience people for year or so then those people left and i was only one and kept working on it, afterwards changes had to be made and it started branching off into new directions even more ideals with presently with to make an MMOARPG (literal meaning is Massively Multiplayer Online Action Roleplaying Game)and get a small alpha size of the game to present to everyone and take a short survey on their experiences in the game on things liked or not liked. afterwards more stuff will be added to make it have a new feel to it after the alpha testing with my fellow members who are great to me.

Additional Info on the Game? Players will assume the role of a Shinobi with ties to his clan and country (villages will be in 2nd phase of alpha testing) or become a lawless one basically be out for blood against other players/village/or country. Quest ranging from S to D, category of Jutsu & Melee combat, new jutsu creation system to stimulate entirely new skill components into this game world so no worries of the same old things that are constantly used alot because we want to break the barrier of making things go differently. Wall running using chakra by activating it but woud need to understand the knowledge of it's uses through tutorials and such.


  • Massive World (small in alpha).

  • Complex combo system for combat use (intricate).

  • Kage system (leader of village by gaining renown in his/her village).

  • intricate Jutsu Creation system.

  • Detailed character creation.

  • Awesome Music composed by Sound Designer Genesis who is very talented at what she does.

  • Infiltration into enemy villages.

  • Abundant Quest system to keep you going.

  • Mild blood

  • Abundant of weapons (may have lowest amount in alpha)

Tech tools? Unity 3d, C#

Target Platform? PC,Mac, and Linux

Updates will be announced every month

Stay Tuned!! for more info guys

Leader of Shinobi Generations


this is gonna be epic dude!

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keep up the great work dont let this die :D

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