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Today we present the concept for the animations present in our game Escape Run!

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Hello to everyone!

This week we bring you some more development regarding our game Escape Run and its animations.

We hope you enjoy.


As you can see the running here is smooth even thought the character is not very high poly, this is what we are aiming for, since the point of the game is to run away.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 24 2223

Here we have what we think the slipping animation should look like this will happen when the character steps on a puddle of a slippery substance.

Captura de ecr 2023 03 24 2224

And finally when the character hits something we would like it to be similar to this where the legs and arms wrap around the obstacle and the character gets squished.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks post, see you all next week!


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