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The mod adds a unique national focus tree for Romania, dozens of events, portraits, generals, tech, 3D models, flavour.

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Romania   Turning Point33ROMANIA - THE TURNING POINT

- Provides a unique National Focus Tree for Romania (80 focuses).

- Over 50 events added, including:
- Turn Weapons Event (triggered after Soviet Union conquers Moldova);
- Little Entente ( historical mode only);
- Balkan Pact event after 1940;
- An event chain that reflects the political situation during the prewar era in Romania. (full event only in historical mode). Includes:
- The elections from 1937;
- Carol II Coup d'etat;
- The change of governments before the National Legionary State;
- National Legionary State.

- Provides Tech Weapons and other Military Equipment used by Romania during the Second World War (Infantry Weapons, Tanks, Planes).
- Starting tech for infantry equipment is World War 1 Era in order to reflect the reality.

- Lots of portraits made by Red Beard and lancerlot99 ( with the vanilla background, hopefully ) for country leaders, generals, admirals, advisers.

- Historical mode should work fine now. ( there is still an extremely little chance that they will go on other unhistorical routes! ) , you also have the option at the begining to choose between those two game modes: Historical and Nonhistorical.

- Reset the country name to "Romania" for ruling party non aligned.
- Created an advisor for non-aligned (yes,you heard well!) and an event to happen just in case you are no longer a monarchy and have enough non-aligned popularity.
- Added numerous advisers for Romania in the political management tab.

- Added 6 Generals : Petre Dumitrescu, Ion Antonescu, Edgar Radulescu, Gheorghe Avramescu, Leonard Mociulschi, Gheorghe Manoliu.
- Added 2 Admirals : Horia Macellariu, Nicolae Sova.
- Added 3 Ace Pilots : Alexandru Serbanescu, Constantin Cantacuzino, Horia Agarici.

- Added City Victory Points and Textures on the map for the current cities: Craiova, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Galati, Constanta.

- Modified the starting popularity for the political parties.
- Octavian Goga is the leader of the non aligned party.
- Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej is the leader of the Communist Party.
- Gheorghe Tatarascu is the leader of the National Liberal Party.
- Now the fascist leader is Corneliu Z. Codreanu. But don't worry, you will have the option to kill him in an event that happens in 1938 and set Ion Antonescu as the country leader for the fascist party.
- Other country leaders are: Constantin I.C. Bratianu, Patriarch Miron Cristea, Armand Calinescu, Ion Antonescu.

- Reedited AI behaviour on events and what focuses they should choose usually.
- Added numerous opinion modifiers and ideas.
- Rebalanced states population.
- Added option Strengthen Romania.
- Added 3D Models for Romania's airplanes.



Delete the previous Romania - Turning Point files and place the romaniannationalfocustree.mod file in
\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod
and the folder in the same place.


Link to Steam Workshop page: Steamcommunity.com
Link to Mod DB page: Moddb.com

And as always,if you have a feedback or you found a bug,for example , feel free to tell us. We spent alot of time on testing the game,because no one told us about these bugs. Have a nice day!


1. We want to thank Majestic Lemmings for his mod, Minor Sprites, that adds in the game all sort of equipment, tanks and planes... if that made you courious, you can have a look in here: Steamcommunity.com
2. I really want to thank to my mates Stapanu and Merwitz who were working even in the Christmas Day with me at 4 A.M. in the morning to release the mod for our subs as our Christmas Gift.
3. I want to thank Udecebal for his work at the events from Black Ice (Hearts of Iron III) that we used for Turning Point.

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