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Dereliction has a new update, fixes some issues, and generally improves everything. Come check it out here!

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Dereliction Demo update v0.134

Update v0.134 improves the level generation & bug swarms in DERELICTION

Hello everyone! Here is a quick update to showcase the Dereliction demo v0.134. This update has cleaned up the level generation, making it more stable & faster loading.

This update also continues to improve the bug ai system. This involves their behavior tree, pathing, and just makes them swarm larger, and more natural.

Big Swarm 4

A fair amount of the combat involves the bug's movement or lack of movement. This also is true for the player. If the player it hit they are slowed. Or, if they are shooting, walking backwards, tripped up on debris, they will be slowed a bit. I have been balancing these numbers to keep the game feeling snappy and responsive, while also keeping these systems in place to act how theyre supposed to.

Currently the player is now slowed a bit more, but the effect duration is way down. This helps prevent the player from feeling stuck in place when they should not be, and still feeling stuck when they should. (if surrounded by bugs)

Big Swarm 2

Next, the bug's should not head straight single file towards the player, this wasn't too difficult to do. They now kind of fill up the area they are in, and it looks pretty awesome. The issues were optimization for this, where bugs off screen or far in the back were taking up just as much of the system as those actively attacking the player. However, thats all resolved and I am happy with the results.

Big Swarm 3

So yea, I have been working on just making the combat quick and snappy. It should feel good. It is a FPS shooter after all.

Big Swarm 1

And of course more bugs are always better! If it wasn't for them losing their nerve during this image above, I would have been in a lot of trouble.

I feel I need to adjust the stun duration they get to be a little shorter time, but an improvement is just that, and I think all these changes have really improved the experience!

here is where you can download the update. I know there has been a lot of them, but don't expect that to change. I am hard at work, fixing issues and implementing features, and new or improved art.

Feel free to let me know how it goes, good luck!


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