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DEMoCap 0.1 Pre-Release is out allowing to do VR Motion Capture for your Game Projects.

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DEMoCap - Drag[en]gine Motion Capture

DEMoCap allows to do Motion Capture using VR equipment. There are various advantages to this technique compared to other MoCap techniques:

  • Less expensive equipment.
  • Quick to equip actor for performing.
  • Does not require large rooms build especially for MoCap.
  • Allows actors to see the scene in which they have to perform.
  • Capture motion in real time without post processing.

DEMoCap is build using the Drag[en]gine game engine. The resulting captured animations are usable directly in the Drag[en]gine game engine or can be imported into Blender for editing. Using Blender the captured animations can be used for all other purposes Blender can be used for.

DEMoCap uses the original armature without modification. The captured animation is directly usable.

Using Motion Transfers DEMoCap supports various kinds of armatures. You can capture humanoid characters, beastly characters, tails, wings, extra arms, whatever you want. You can also capture First Person Hands.

Using VR you can recreate the relevant parts of your game scene. This allows your actor to perform more natural and animations are better fitting to your game scene.

In short DEMoCap accelerates the animation production allowing for higher quality animations to be done in less time.

For download see the Main Page.

For documentation and tutorials see the Wiki

This is a Pre-Release version. It is usable for game development but only some features are yet implemented and bugs might be still present.

For issues and feedback please go to the GitHub Page, Discord or the Forum.

I've created this tool to improve animation work for the Epsylon project. This (and Steam stubbornly blocking a project page) causes a delay for the public demo but in the long run makes up for it by increasing animation production speed while improving animation quality. From now on its back to full speed on the public demo.

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