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A demo has been released, it is a small level where you need to enter a building, but that building is locked, so you have to find a key in a forest infested by robots that want to kill you.

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It works!

I have finally made a working demo! all you need to do to play is run the .exe file in administrator mode.

It's actually just a map from level 6, which is still in development. it took me nearly 3 days to finish this, i went through four versions. one of them was previously released, but taken down a day later. i had a simple version, a super advanced laggy, bug filled version. a non-laggy bug filled version, and the current (hopefully) bug-free version. and hopefully, you enjoy the demo.


I've added plenty of improvements. better AI, better weapons, bigger, better map. and more.

The weapons are much better and higher quality than the previous weapons I used.


The demo includes three weapons: A glock pistol, a hunting shotgun, and an MP5k sub-machinegun.

The bigger map includes trees, grass, a hill, although i still need to improve on the map a little. all of the models used in the map are free assets made by the FPSC team because i am NOT a good modeler, although plenty of the scripts are mine.


The AI has gotten pretty smart, as they now hide behind trees and logs for cover if they are being attacked, although their bodies still clip through the walls sometimes.



Oh boy, here we go.

There are some un-fixable bugs in the game that get pretty annoying, there are three main bugs that I'll tell you about.

  1. NPC bodies clipping through walls.

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  2. NPCs able to shoot through trees and hills rarely.

  3. You are able to clip through hills very rarely.

Of course, these bugs are NOT game breaking, as most of them are rare bugs that only happen once in a while.

BUT, there is one unfixable game-breaking bug.

You cannot play the demo without it crashing and giving you error messages unless you run the demo in administrator mode, i tried to fix this, although it requires administrator mode to add save files, snapshots, etc, etc.

This is how you can make it so you don't have to 'rightclick>run as administrator' every time. you right-click the demo file, you press the button that says 'Properties' then, on the properties window, you will see a set of tabs at the top. press on the 'Compatibility' tab, then there will be a checklist at the bottom of that tab. and at the bottom of that checklist, there is the 'Always run as administrator/Run as administrator' checkbox, you need to press on the checkbox, then you can play the game, without having to 'rightclick>run as administrator' every time.

Enjoy the demo: Indiedb.com

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