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The brainless demo is finally here 😊 Play the game in german & english, download it or play it in browser.

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The brainless demo is finally here 😊

I actually didn't change much from the first version that was in Don's stream. It was important to me to get the English translation done first for more range. A few small bugs were fixed, but they held me up so much in terms of time that it wasn't enough to make more changes. Some plugins made quite a mess for me ☹.

Here are the patch notes for demo 0.12:


- Made some sound effects quieter.


- The JS error at the start seemed to be related to TDD. So I swapped the Parallax plugin for another one.

- The switches in the options are now consistently called AN/AUS (German) and ON/OFF (English).


- Made an English translation.

- When entering the world property, the question is now written next to the selection box in case it is forgotten.

- Added disclaimer at game start. Don't want to attack anyone - the game is supposed to be fun.

Of course I'll bring you some more screenshots, here they are:

Screen1 Warnhinweis EN

Screen7 Magier rahmenlos


Screen14 Dein Haus



Unfortunately, there are still a few bugs that I don't know how to fix.

Videos are sometimes stuck and require a restart of the game (press F5).

Font in the menu is sometimes black - just close the menu and open it again.

Language in the menu sometimes shows a wrong entry - just click it again.

Two small tips.

  1. Once you have watched the intro and the prologue and can move yourself after the autosave, you can cancel the videos at the start with Esc. That way you don't have to go through that again every time you start the game if you don't want to.
  2. It’s best to play with keyboard/controller. Mouse also works, but you have to press a little longer on a field until you move there. It's a bit awkward, but it's the only way to be able to talk to your companion.

Play or download here.

Feel free to tell me if there is anything you like or notice 😊

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